PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity 2018.3

Patch 2018.3.2.3

  • Add support for Unity 2019.1.0b2
  • Add support for multiple Metadata components in tools actions
  • Improve "Use Materials from Resources" to find materials recursively
  • Fix Debug Meshes Info printing wrong meshes count
  • Fix rare crash for some fbx files

Patch 2018.3.1.18

  • Add message when building for Windows informing about libraries includes
  • Change CAD precision at import time for wire format to better handle unit change
  • Fix '.' in filename triggering a file not supported error
  • Fix BRep edges recalculation when applying a scale matrix
  • Fix BRep faces orientation when applying a symmetry matrix
  • Fix FailFast error appearing in Unity 2018.3
  • Fix MoveOrigin base action not working when using custom on a root gameObject
  • Fix Reading .pxz compatibility with 2018.2
  • Fix error when disabling stats logging
  • Fix import not working when PiXYZ is installed in a directory with unicode characters
  • Fix non uniform scale issues
  • Fix race concurrence on IOFile
  • Improve performances of assembleCAD method

Patch 2018.3.1.4

  • Fix update window not showing when it should

Patch 2018.3.1.3

  • Add Dynamic Parameters in tools UI
  • Add Insert Before in Rule Engine GUI
  • Add Missing Action block when Action ID is missing in tools
  • Add possibility to switch off Live Sync, and file size limit for Live Sync
  • Add preference to include PiXYZ in standalone build or not
  • Add warning when using LiveSync while LiveSync is disabled in the Preferences
  • Improve Move Origin tool
  • Improve UI layout for struct / class types
  • Improve readability in ToolboxDialog
  • Improve tooltips disposition
  • Change Set Visibility tool name to Set Enabled
  • Change default values for Randomize Transform tool
  • Fix CreatePrefab to work with Unity 2018.3.0b10
  • Fix Replace GameObject to Instantiate Prefab instead of GameObject to successfully create links in nested prefabs
  • Fix Rules applied after prefab creation (should be applied before)
  • Fix Toolbox script generation
  • Fix a visual glitch when switching some rule blocks
  • Fix build for all target platforms
  • Fix compatibility to .Net3.5
  • Fix default material not using override shader
  • Fix error in merge when a material is missing
  • Fix unclamped values of some imported material properties
  • Fix creo composed extensions (ex: .asm.4) not visible in the file browser

Patch 2018.3.0.37

  • Fix PiXYZ dependencies copy when building standalone Windows application.
  • Fix check for updates
  • Fix slow ImportedModel inspector
  • Fix Live Sync window re-poping even when ignored
  • Fix ImportedModel editor not properly locking some fields
  • Remove prefilled data from boilder plate licensing window

Release 2018.3.0.34

  • Add RuleEngine for automatic scene staging and optimization
  • Add Toolbox for interactive scene staging and optimization
  • Add File Drag&Drop in the scene
  • Add new serializable Import Settings presets
  • Add Live Sync (beta)
  • Add automatic lightmap UVs generation
  • Add Unity SRP (Scriptable Render Pipeline) support
  • Add a scripting API documentation
  • Improve the User Interface and User Experience for every plugin interface
  • Improve global import speed in editor and at runtime
  • Improve boiler plate sample (now a scene)
  • Improve scripting API (complete refactoring)
  • Improve material conversions from CAD to Unity
  • Improve overall compatibility (.NET, scripting backend, ...)
  • Fix UI issues
  • Fix quadrandles not supported
  • Fix some hierachy issues
  • Fix some assembly / part / instance naming issues
  • Fix non uniform scaling issues

Older Releases

PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity 2018.2