PiXYZ Plugin for Unity
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NPiXYZNamespace for all PiXYZ Products
 NPiXYZNamespace for the PiXYZ Plugin for Unity
 CFormatsStatic class for formats related information
 CActionBaseBase class for making input-storable & invokable Actions
 CActionInAbstract class for In Actions
 CActionInOutAbstract class for In-Out Actions
 CActionOutAbstract class for Out Actions
 CHelperMethodAttribute for declaring an Action's method as an Helper Method
 CRuleA RuleEngine Rule
 CRuleSetA RuleEngine set of Rules
 CUserParameterAttribute for declaring an Action's field as an UserParameter
 CConfigurationThis class provide function to initialize PiXYZ plugin, manage your licenses and your tokens
 CImportedModelThis component holds all information related to the PiXYZ import
 CImporterSingle-use class for importing 3D data to Unity
 CImportSettingsSerializable container class for import settings
 CLODSettingsSerializable container class for a single LOD
 CLODsSettingsSerializable container class for all LODs