PiXYZ STUDIO 2018.3.2.8

(Released February 21, 2019)


  • [Export] Collada export: format is supported again (partially, due to FBX SDK support limitation)

  • [General] Upgrade to OpenCV 4.0 library to improve compatibility with some recent CPU
  • [Algorithm] New "Override" parameter added to the "createNormal" function, that preserves existing normals on processed meshes if set to False


  • [Import] Potential crashes when opening corrupted PiXYZ files (*.pxz) fixed
  • [Export] Crash at FBX export when textures maps are missing fixed

Known issues

  • Same as previous version

PiXYZ STUDIO 2018.3.1.11

(Released December 17, 2018)


  • [Import] Alias import: new "AliasImportByLayer" setting. If unchecked, surfaces are imported as displayed with the "ByObject" setting ON in Autodesk Alias Object Lister.


  • [Import] Alias import: global enhancement (keep surfaces original orientation, no missing surfaces/parts, better symmetry handling)
  • [Export] USD export: global enhancement (message if no UVs or no Normals on parts, scale issue fixed)
  • [Export] glTF export: materials texture tilling and offset now exported

  • [General] Viewer global enhancement: optimize viewer frame rate, new parameter to change "Vertex Buffer Object" size, fix black normals with big scale

  • [Algorithm] Global enhancement on "AssembleCAD" function
  • [Algorithm] "smartOrient" algorithm now ignores transparent materials (entities behind transparent materials will be ignored)


  • [Import] CGR import enhancement: textures correctly imported
  • [Import] Enhanced PMI and line colors import for JT files

  • [Algorithm] Crash when executing algorithm "deleteNormals" fixed

  • [General] Potential crash during material deletion in the Material Editor fixed
  • [General] Normals appearing black in viewer due to large scale fixed

Known issues

  • [Measurement] Primitive recognition issues for some files/patterns
  • [Import] Parasolid assemblies might not load correctly (all parts placed at the 0 of the scene)
  • [Viewer]  Abnormally long updating duration after Part modification (scene tree, material) for rare complex models
  • [Defeaturing] Remove holes algorithm ("Defeaturing" algorithm) might not remove a few isolated holes or will not work without CAD information (use “identifyPatches” algorithm)
  • [Languages] Japanese GUI not yet implemented in 2018.3. Will be added soon (2019).

PiXYZ STUDIO 2018.3.0.35

(Released November 13, 2018)


  • [Export] New USD export format (*.usdz, *.usda, *.usdc)
  • [Algorithm][Beta] New "Decimation Target" algorithm: mesh decimation based on a given polygon count
  • [Algorithm][API] Added new basic GUI API functions (message box display) - see API Change Log


  • [Import] FBX import: automatic up-axis conversion by reading file information (IO "ConvertZupToYup" setting is ignored)
  • [Import][Beta] REVIT import: normals on meshes now automatically created at import
  • [Import] All import formats: enhancement on materials, hierarchy & metadata handling (mainly SolidWorks, Inventor, DWG, IFC, Catia, CGR, JT, Alias)
  • [Import] Color Material name set with hexadecimal color value instead of random number ID
  • [Export] glTF Export enhancement: large models better supported and patches colors export supported

  • [Algorithm][API] Added new optional “Roots“ parameter to “findBy” functions, to limit the search to a given collection of scene paths - see API Change Log
  • [Algorithm] Enhanced baking tool ("Bake Texture Maps" function) for texture maps generation
  • [Algorithm] Enhanced "Smart Hidden Removal" algorithm: added a “Mode” setting to choose where to place cameras (all cavities, only outer or only inner cavities)
  • [Algorithm] Enhanced UV repack algorithm: new “Remove Overlaps” setting to remove overlapping polygons by cutting them
  • [Algorithm][API] Enhanced UV repack algorithm: API function returns parts that failed to be repacked with the given resolution - see API Change Log

  • [General] Faster parts delete on large models
  • [General] Transformation matrix modification on a selection of entities disabled to avoid weird transformation
  • [Modifiers] Enhanced stability for the Modifiers feature
  • [Viewer] Cutting Plane enhancement: added translation step setting (percentage)


  • [Import] OBJ Import enhancement: crash when no normals on meshes fixed

  • [Algorithm] Enhanced "Clean Unused Materials" algorithm: does not merge identical materials (same appearance) anymore
  • [Algorithm] Algorithms enhancement : "Repair CAD", "Merge Final Assemblies", "Identify Patches", "Rake", "Singularize Sub Tree"

  • [General] Distorted textures display on the viewport due to bad UVs handling fixed
  • [General] “Receiver not attached” error when opening PiXYZ STUDIO fixed
  • [General] “Load Hidden” setting loading hidden entities even when set to False fixed
  • [General] Enhanced overall software stability

Removed Features

  • [Export] Collada Export no more supported in PiXYZ STUDIO

Older releases

Find below the links to the Release notes for older PiXYZ STUDIO official releases: