PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity 2019.1

Update 2019.1.1.11

  • Fix Unity objects not properly saved in serialized rules

Update 2019.1.1.8

  • Add "custom properties" as Metadata
  • Add type in Metadata component
  • Improve license management feedback
  • Improve licensing state feedback
  • Change license expiration warning
  • Change lightmap UVs setting label
  • Fix bounds not calculated at import time
  • Fix hard edges artifacts on proxy
  • Fix positionning in RuleSet Editor
  • Fix some GUI textures unloaded on changing scene
  • Fix licensing issues due to bad plugin initialization

Release 2019.1

New Features :


Tools added in the Toolbox & Rule Engine

  • "Create Lightmap UVs"
  • "Create Normals"
  • "Explode Submeshes"
  • "Remove Hidden Polygon / Object"
  • "Repair Mesh"
  • "Replace by Boxes"
  • "Retopologize"
  • Compatibly with Unity prefabs workflow (replace Live Sync)
  • Add scripted importer for all formats except Unity's already handled formats (fbx, skp, ...)
  • New Workflow Gui



New Imports :

  • VRED import (interop)
  • Add automatic creation of LODs if original models contains parts named *.LODn (as Unity does)
  • Add import brep patches lines
  • Add import polylines
  • Add Metadatas for Revit


  • Reduce the import duration for every format especially for Revit
  • Improve CAD tessellation quality result
  • Improve overall GUI (Popup/ Tooltips/Messages/Focus…)
  • Better hierarchy representation
  • Improve Lightmap generation quality
  • Non persistent data serialization when drag and dropping a scene prefab in the Project Window (with a information popup)
  • New option in Import Settings to singularize the transformation matrix when a part is a symmetry (to avoid -1 in scale mainly)
  • Add option in Preferences menu to allow not to override prefabs when the name is the same (adds N at the end)
  • Add remaining days in about Window (as in the License Manager Window)
  • Add serialized default Import Settings to keep track of latest settings in any context
  • Improve "Decimate" result quality
  • Improve "Decimate" result with triangle count & triangle ratio option
  • Improve "Merge" action to work with line topology as well as triangles
  • Improve LOD generation and handling
  • Remove built-in samples
  • Add hyperlink to github samples repository

Bug Fix :

  • Left Handed import option being inverted
  • Brep import using decimation when not required
  • Crash with Action In in toolbox
  • Drag and drop in scene working also when dragging from Unity's project tab
  • Formats regex too gentle
  • Issue in Import Model Window where lightmap UVs couldn't work without creating UVs
  • Metadata remove Properties
  • Progress bar when import fails
  • Resources loading for "Use Materials in Resources" option in Import Model Window
  • Submeshes being mixed when running optmization actions such as Decimate
  • Toolbox Refresh not always working properly (still manual however)
  • Date format in About Window

Older Releases

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