Hotfix 1 (2019.2.1.14 - 10/02/2020)


  • Fix offline licensing mode not working properly

Update 1 (2019.2.1.13 - 06/02/2020)


  • Fix several .e57 format import issues
  • Fix orientation issues when from is Z up parameter
  • Fix faces orientation on .VPB files
  • Fix GetLatestImportedModel triggering licensing exception when empty
  • Fix singularizeSymmetries not working


  • Rule Sets and Import Settings created in the version 2019.2 are not backward compatible, and those created in anterior versions are not compatible with this one


  • Add search bar in API documentation
  • Update API documentation

First Release (2019.2.0.57)

Breaking Changes

  • Rule Sets and Import Settings created in the version 2019.2 are not backward compatible, and those created in anterior versions are not compatible with this one
  • It is not possible anymore to import files other than PiXYZ files through the API for new licensees. See Licensing Policy.
    Owners of a PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity license bought before 2020 can still import at runtime for the whole license validity period.


  • [General] Added compatibility with Unity 2018.4 LTS, 2019.2, and 2019.3
  • [General] Added defines PIXYZ, PIXYZ_2019, PIXYZ_2019_2 and PIXYZ_2019_2_OR_NEWER
  • [General] Added link to helpdesk in PiXYZ menu
  • [Import] Added Point clouds import. Supported formats are E57, PTX and PTS
  • [Import] Added import points option (reference points / free vertices)
  • [Import] Added error callback at import
  • [Import] Support Vertex colors from FBX and OBJ files
  • [Import] VPB format : Added some tooltips in import settings
  • [Import] VPB format: Is is now possible to export B-Reps from VRED to use the PiXYZ tessellator
  • [Import] GTLF format : Added support
  • [Import] GLB format : Added support
  • [Rule Engine] Added 'Insert After' option to insert rule after current rule
  • [Toolbox] Custom actions : Added support for Range type UserParameters
  • [Toolbox] New Decimate feature : Add decimate target to ratio / polycount options
  • [Toolbox] Replace by : It is now possible to 'keep scale' and 'keep rotation' if desired
  • [Toolbox] Retopologize : It is now possible to retopologize and bake texture from a point clouds asset
  • [Toolbox] The toolbox now handles vertex colors and points


  • [General] The plugin C# source code in now included
  • [General] Improve exception handling
  • [General] Improve License Manager window
  • [Import] Improved the way files are imported when placed in the Asset folder
  • [Import] Improved Metadata Editor
  • [Import] Only .pxz fils can now be imported through the API. See Licensing Policy
  • [Import] Importing in headless Unity Editor is now allowed
  • [Import] Actions that requires a prefab to be unpacked now prompts the user instead of generating an exception
  • [Import] Improve generated lightmap UVs to better match Unity's lightmapper
  • [Import] 'Re-orient faces' is now set to true by default
  • [Import] LOD generation is now done by decimating LOD0 instead of tessellating when model has B-Rep
  • [Import] PXZ format : PiXYZ files can now be imported with the same import settings as other file formats
  • [Import] VPB format : 'Output directory' & 'Vred car node' import settings were removed
  • [Import] VPB format : Some VRED specific settings have been moved to the PiXYZ Preferences menu
  • [Import] VPB format : A repair CAD is now done after merging BREPS
  • [Import] WIRE format : Alias executable path selection was added in preferences
  • [Rule Engine] The serialized rule sets now always have a proper icon
  • [Rule Engine] 'Replace By' can now reference scene GameObjects (it won't be saved however)
  • [Rule Engine] 'Add Light' and 'Add Collider' now change parameters if the component already exists
  • [Rule Engine] The Rule Engine is now available in runtime
  • [Toolbox] The last used action and its parameters are remembered
  • [Toolbox] The toolbox can now be opened without a selection and better handles current selection
  • [Toolbox] The Toolbox is now available in runtime


  • [General] Fixed 'MonoContext' type warnings and exceptions
  • [General] Fixed licensing issue where it would be impossible to even open the License Manager
  • [General] Fixed 0 days warning in import window
  • [General] Fixed slow initialization of the plugin
  • [Import] Files with complex characters are now imported correctly
  • [Import] Fixed an exception where the import would be stuck at 70%
  • [Import] Fixed exception 'texture has out of range width / height'
  • [Import] Tree processing options behaviour is now more even
  • [Import] Albedo textures are now properly assigned when using HRDP shaders
  • [Import] JT format : Fixed an issue where some material colors would be wrong
  • [Rule Engine] 'Filter on metadata' no longer have key value errors
  • [Rule Engine] 'Move Pivot' now works properly in custom local space
  • [Rule Engine] Fixed asset database not refreshed when creating a new rule engine custom action
  • [Rule Engine] Fix rule engine executed too early after importing a file
  • [Toolbox] 'Add Collider' now uses the correct bounding boxes
  • [Toolbox] Fix normals and tangents not always properly transformed
  • [Toolbox] Fixed an exception when a MeshFilter had no Mesh
  • [Toolbox] Fixed an issue where submesh order would change
  • [Toolbox] Fixed display issues in the Toolbox window
  • [Toolbox] 'Merge' now doesn't create components when not required
  • [Toolbox] 'Retopologize' now doesn't delete empty GameObjects
  • [Toolbox] Fixed transparent materials not properly converted
  • [Toolbox] 'Flip Normals' no longer destroys points or lines
  • [Toolbox] Fixed issues when running a toolbox action that may remove submeshes

Known Issues

  • [Toolbox] 'Retopologize' on ploint clouds changes the shader of the material instead of creating a new material

Older Releases

PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity 2019.1