Hotfix 2020.1.0.25



  • Fix compatibility with Unity 2018.4
  • Fix VRED import issues
  • Fix mesh colliders not serialized when creating prefab
  • Fix point cloud splat shader far distance

Release 2020.1.0.22

Breaking Changes

  • Namespace PiXYZ is changed to Pixyz


  • Add PLMXML reload
  • Add point cloud LODs at import time
  • Resize texture when too large
  • Add support for USD file format
  • Add support for RVM file format
  • Add opacity in baking
  • Make merge LOD-aware
  • Add undo-redo in toolbox / rule-engine
  • Add 'Run Rules' action to allow the nesting of staging rules
  • Add compatibility with Unity 2020.1
  • Add support for custom plugin location in Asset folders


  • Change default LODs in ImportSettings
  • Remove "Only If Settings" preference and change enum for bool (default is Always)
  • Improve LOD control in import window
  • Improve Alias material conversion
  • Add possibility to (re)import multiple files placed in Asset folder at once (multiselection support)
  • Add support for files placed in a custom package (via Unity's package manager)
  • Improve performances of LOD generation
  • Update Pixyz identity
  • Improve token information in license manager


  • Fix warnings in matrix conversion
  • Fix black triangles when retopologizing
  • Fix instances not handled when retopologizing multiple objects at once
  • Fix licensing not working when Unity project path contains special characters

Known Issues

  • The VRED import has a few issues (a hotfix is coming very soon, for now please stay on 2019.2)
  • The retopologize + baking tool is very slow in some conditions (for point clouds as for meshes)

Older Releases

Pixyz Plugin for Unity 2019.2