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All notes listed below that are not related to Pixyz Studio's user interface or interactive usage are also valid for Pixyz Batch

Release 2020.1.0.22

(Released April 20, 2020)

NOTE                For a quick overview of the main features new in Pixyz Studio 2020.1, please visit this page. For Pixyz Batch, visit this page


  • [Import] Add support for USD file format
  • [Import] Add support for RVM file format
  • [Import] Add support for parallel import of multiple files
  • [Export] Add "Save selection" as a *.pxz file
  • [Tool] Add "UV Projection Tool"
  • [Tool] Add "Selection Bounding Box" tool
  • [GUI] User interface complete refactor - new branding, new panels docking system, better support for 4K screen, new progress bar...
  • [GUI] Add "Create" menu
  • [GUI] Add "Point Cloud" menu
  • [GUI] Add "Tools" panel
  • [Viewer] Add realistic rendering based on IBL (HDR environment map) and PBR shaders
  • [Viewer] Add built-in HDR environments
  • [Viewer] Add import of HDR environment
  • [Viewer] Add outlines + overlay selection mode
  • [Viewer] Add "Keep context transparent" option to "Isolate" functionality (disabled by default)
  • Viewer] Add "Roll Camera" functionality
  • [Viewer] Add "Camera Sensitivity" control parameters
  • [UX] Add "Find Selection In Tree" keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F
  • [UX] Add "Show All" functionality to show all occurrences of the scene at once
  • [UX] Add "Paste Without Instance" functionality in "Edit" menu
  • [Function] Add "Decimate a Point Cloud" function to decrease points density (decimate)
  • [Function] Add Opacity map to baking capacities
  • [Function] Add "Decimate To Target + Bake" function
  • [Function] Add "Create Textures From Lines" function (algo.lineToTexture) to generate texture out of polylines (free edges)
  • [Function] Add tessellation parameters stored in meshes (tessellated shapes) for "Re-Tessellate" capacities
  • [Function] Add "Create a texture out of 3D lines" function
  • [Function] Add "Import picture as a 3D plane" function
  • [Function] Add "Remove Materials" function, to remove all materials applied to a selection at once
  • [Function][PixyzBatch] Add "CPU-based Hidden Removal" functions
  • [Function][Experimental] Add "Optimize scene textures size" function
  • [Miscellaneous] Add Pixyz PBR Material Library available for download (from "Materials" menu)
  • [Miscellaneous] Add "Enable Analytics"
  • [Scripting][Plugins] Add place a plugin in any menu (existing or custom)
  • [Scripting][Experimental] Add Python GUI functions (new GUI module in API)
  • [Scripting][PixyzBatch] Add handling of unicode characters in command line


  • [Import] "glTF" format update: PBR materials are imported
  • [Import] "Alias/wire" format update: 3 import parameters available (By object, By Layer, By Layer one part by layer - default)
  • [Import] "Alias/wire" format update: Add "Import Empty Layer" parameter
  • [Import] "Alias/wire" format update: Add support for Phong and Blinn materials
  • [Export] "3DXML" format update: handle non ASCII characters at export
  • [Viewer] Improve of viewer performances
  • [Viewer] Update "Transformation Gizmo" with scale handles and display options (+ shortcuts)
  • [Viewer] Update "Viewer Information Panel" to display more information (Frame-rate, RAM/VRAM usage, Current variant) + keyboard shortcut (F3)
  • [Function] Improve "Baking" capabilities to generate Opacity maps (and better Normal maps in some cases)
  • [Function] Improve precision when generating Normal Maps (avoiding visual normal artifact)
  • [Function] Improve "Reset Transform" function to preserve instantiation
  • [Function] Improve "Extract Neutral Axis" function to handle more cases and available in "Mesh" menu
  • [Function] Improve primitive generation functions ('CreateCube", "CreateSphere"...) to generate primitives with UVs
  • [Function] Add "Re-tessellate" function automatically sets tessellation parameters based on original values (ones used at first tessellation)
  • [Function] Add "Repair Mesh" function automatically deletes degenerated triangles ("Tolerance" value is used)
  • [Function] Add "Convert Selection Back To BRep" retrieves original CAD shapes (as imported), even if they were modified using CAD repair functions
  • [Function] Add exception to "BakeMaps" function when source mesh has a normal map applied but no tangents
  • [Function] Remove "Fill Normal Map" function
  • [GUI] Stabilize Undo/Redo feature through  "History" panel
  • [GUI] Improve "Copy/Cut/Paste" functionalities
  • [GUI] Add "Level" column displayed by default in the Product Structure
  • [GUI] Add "Create Tangents", "Create Textures From Lines" , "Extract Neutral Axis From Pipes", "Create Pipe From Lines"n "Delete Free Vertices" functions to "Mesh" menu
  • [GUI] Add "Reload Plugin" function to "Plugin" menu
  • [GUI] Remove "Triangularize", "Equilateralize", "Quadify" functions from "Mesh" menu (still available from the Function List - F12)
  • [GUI] Rename "Generate Phantom Mesh" function in "Phantom Mesh" and move to "Optimize Mesh" menu
  • [GUI] Rename "Decimate" function in "Decimate To Quality" in "Optimize Mesh" menu
  • [GUI] Rename "Decimate Target" function in "Decimate To Target" in  "Optimize Mesh" menu
  • [GUI] Rename "Proxy Mesh With Textures" function in "Proxy Mesh + Bake" in  "Optimize Mesh" menu
  • [Material Editor] Remove "Edit Pattern" button from Material Editor interface (still available for a selected material)
  • [Material Editor] Rename "Apply" button in "Save Material" in Material Editor interface
  • [Material Selector] Rename "Select" button in "Apply" in Material Selector interface
  • [Scripting] Update Python API structures
  • [Scripting] Add "View" mode available in the "Plugin List" to help debugging plugins


  • [Import] "FBX" format: Fix bad material import or assignment (FBX exported from Maya)
  • [Import] "FBX" format: Fix textures potentially not imported
  • [Import] "FBX" format: Fix crash at FBX import with non-ASCII file paths
  • [Import] "IGES" format: Fix long (almost infinite) CAD loops
  • [Import] "DWG" format: Fix missing XREF links
  • [Import] "DWG" format: Fix missing PMI
  • [Export] All formats: Fix "UnlitTexture" material leading to crash or exception
  • [Function] Fix "Decimate To Target" function creating bad result on meshes without normals
  • [Function] Fix precision issue when executing "Repair CAD" function on trees with heterogeneous transformation
  • [Function] Fix bad UV projection for Box ("mapUvOnBox"), Planar ("mapUvOnPlane") and Sphere ("mapUvOnSphere") projection types
  • [Function] Fix crash with "Get Image Definition" and "Get Image Definitions" functions
  • [Viewer] Fix Variant name not updated in Viewer when changed
  • [Viewer] Fix 16bit textures not rendering properly
  • [PMI] Fix potential crash when displaying PMI on 3DXML files
  • [License Manager] Fix crash when generating activation with non-ASCII path
  • [License Manager] Fix bad license install with unicode characters in the path
  • [Plugins] Fix crash at startup with corrupted plugins
  • [Scripting][Plugin] Fix newly installed plugin automatically displayed on GUI (no need to restart program)

Known issues

  • [Import] JT format: JT v10 format gives uneven results. When possible, prefer using JT v9 format.
  • [Viewer] "Emissive" parameter for "Standard" type material is ignored when using Environment Map (HDR) lighting
  • [GUI] In the Material Editor, the Close button is deactivated
  • [Tool] The "Replace By" tool may show instability in some cases (Experimental)
  • [Tool] Measurement snapping behavior not working (use the "Create Lines" function first to enable primitives detection)
  • [Function] The "Convex Hull" function is slow and produces uncertain results (Experimental)
  • [Function] Baking functionality used through "ProxyMesh + Bake" function can be very slow in some conditions (for point clouds as for meshes)
  • [Function] "Explode Voxel" function clears material assignment but should not

Older releases

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