Reduce the number of triangles on the meshes driven by quality.

Include children to decimate all children recursively for all GameObject in the input. As this function changes data at Mesh level, any modification to a Mesh will be visible for each GameObject using that Mesh, regardless of the input.

It comes with two strategies : Vertex Removal or Edge Collapse.

Vertex Removal

Standard decimation process appropriate in most use cases. Adapted for hard edges coming from CAD data.

Use our preset to get your file optimized.

  • Normal tolerance: Constraint the maximum normals deviation (angle threshold)
  • Surfacic tolerance: Surfacic tolerance recommanded by Pixyz
  • Lineic tolerance:

When putting -1, the algorithms won't take into account your parameter value.

Edge Collapse (Preview)

Longer decimation process tailored to better preserve UVs. Recommended for game assets.

  • UV tolerance: Maximum distance (in UV space) between original textcoords and those interpolated on the simplified surface.
  • UV seam tolerance: Constraint the maximum UV seams deviation (displacement).
  • Forbid UV Foldovers: Forbid UVs to folder over and overlap each other.

NOTE                This function is in Preview. Please, share with us your experience with them and let us know how we can make it better..