The PXZ file format is a Pixyz specific file format. This format is used in Pixyz STUDIO or Pixyz REVIEW as a way to save a data preparation project.

This format will retain all informations such as :

  • Polygonal data (meshes, polylines, vertices)
  • Material data (materials, textures, assignments, ...)
  • CAD data (brep surfaces, splines, ...)
  • Product Structure (Hierarchy, part names, instances, components, metadata, ...)

The Pixyz file format has ultra fast write and read speeds, making it a great way to exchange data between Pixyz solutions.

The Pixyz Plugin for Unity can import .PXZ files in the Unity Editor (through the menu or through the API).

This enables new workflows such as the complete automation of prefabs / assetbundles / builds generation using Pixyz  BATCH and Pixyz Plugin for Unity.