Welcome to Pixyz Plugin for Unity 2020.2

The 2020.2 version of Pixyz Plugin for Unity infuse a more gaming-oriented approach in your optimization scenario, for CAD or gaming models. Now, you're able to conserve your Unity asset's animation while running our algorithms as well as profit from our new functions from our freshen Toolbox. Furthermore, a LOD Tool (in preview) allows you to create LODs whenever you want directly from your Unity scene.

WARNING        Pixyz Plugin for Unity 2020.2 doesn't allow anymore to import Pixyz file at runtime. We're hard at publishing a new dedicated product that will land in 2021 for this purpose.

NOTE                We've included Preview feature in this release in order to improve them with your feedback. Please, share with us your experience and let us know how we can make them better.

Check the full list of new features included in Pixyz Plugin for Unity 2020.2