The CAD Menu contains the most commonly used CAD data optimization algorithms:

Menu option


Keyboard Shortcut

Repair CAD

Automatically repairs native CAD / BRep geometries: CAD faces assembly and optimization, CAD faces automatic orientation, ...

Explode Bodies

Explode selected Parts by bodies

Convert Selection Back To BRep

Converts a selection of Parts back to its CAD / BRep representation

Delete BRep Information

Deletes all CAD / BRep information on selected Parts

Tessellate 🌟

For the selected Parts, generates an optimal mesh representation out of their CAD / BRep surfaces

See: About Tessellation

NOTE                Pixyz tessellation algorithm has proven to be the most efficient and performant algorithm available in CAD data preparation software! Check this out: Tata Elxsi compares Pixyz Studio and Unreal Datasmith.


Tessellates again the selected Parts, providing they were originally tessellated with Pixyz Studio (using the "Tessellate" function)

NOTE                In order to help fine-tuning tessellation precisely, Tessellation parameters are stored for each mesh of the scene, and are automatically applied when using the "Re-Tessellate" function.

See: About Tessellation