GUI Creation

Plugin GUI are defined in XML files. Here is a basic example :

More about Types

Parameters type

Please refer to the API documentation to find all the parameters types available in the Python API, and to see a preview of the associated GUI widget:

Here is an example for the FilePath type, which is a file browser :


Declare your own structured types using the decltype and struct keywords:

<decltype name="Structure">


        <field name="BoolParameter" type="Bool" default="True"/>

        <field name="AngleParameter" type="Angle" default="0.1"/>



<parameter name="Structure" type="Structure" description=""/>


Some types also exists as lists (e.g String and StringList). Declare your own lists of structured types using the decltype and list keywords:


<decltype name="Structure">


        <field name="BoolParameter" type="Bool" default="True"/>

        <field name="AngleParameter" type="Angle" default="0.1"/>




<decltype name="StructureList">

    <list type ="Structure"/>



<parameter name="structureList" type="StructureList" description=""/>


Declare Enumerator types using the enum keyword. Enumerators take the form of dropdown menus:

<decltype name="Enumerator">

    <enum type="Int">

      <value name="Enum_1" value="1"/>

      <value name="Enum_2" value="2"/>



<parameter name="Enumerator" type="Enumerator" description=""/>


Use the select keyword to create dropdown selection menus giving inputs choice:

<decltype name="DropDownMenu">


      <type name="FirstChoice" type="Structure"/>

      <type name="SecondChoice" type="ComponentType"/>



<parameter name="dropDownMenu" type="DropDown" description=""/>

Advanced usecases

  • Optional parameters: optional="True"

<parameter name="OptionalParameter" type="OutputDirectoryPath" optional="True" description=""/>

  • Disabled parameters:        disableValue="-1"

<parameter name="DisabledValue" type="Int" disableValue="-1" description=""/>

  • Customize FilePath type so it browses only specified formats:

<decltype name="InputFilePath" type="FilePath" attributes="extensions:*.pxz"/>

<parameter name="input" type="InputFilePath" description=""/>

  • Selectable OccurrenceList parameters (input filled with current scene selection): selection="true"

<parameter name="occurrences" type="OccurrenceList" selection="true"/>