From the License Manager, you can view and manage your Pixyz Studio license(s).

Online license Tab

The "Online license" tab lists all the Node-locked licenses available from your Pixyz website account (one raw per license) and allows you to manage the one installed on the current computer:

  • "Reinstall" button: Allows to reinstall a license installed on the current computer. For example, it might be required if the license has been renewed, or if a token has been added to the license (like a new format)
  • "Release" button : Allows to uninstall the license from the current computer in order to install it on another computer (possible only once a year!). Please see the procedure here
  • "Refresh" button : Allows to refresh the list if it has been updated

Offline license Tab

The "Offline license" tab allows to manage (install and release) an offline Node-locked license if you don't have internet connection:

  • License activation and installation: please see the procedure here
  • License release from the current computer: please see the procedure here

License server Tab

The "License server" tab allows to connect to a License server in order to use a floating license.

Please refer to this page to setup this server.

Token management Tab

The "Token management" allows to visualize (and manage, if it is a floating license) the tokens attached to the license in use on the current computer.

A token is a piece of information that enables or disables a functionality for Pixyz Studio:

  • A token is required per 3D format handled by Pixyz Studio. For example, the "FBX" token enables to import FBX files)
  • A token is required for specific functionalities available in Pixyz Studio. For example, the "Script" tokens allows to use the Python scripting capabilities and enables the "Scripting" panel in the UI.

NOTE                The "IO" token that allows import/export batching is unavailable by default with Pixyz Studio, and is available with Pixyz Batch.