If your computer is NOT connected to internet (for example your company blocks Internet connection on your computer), follow this procedure to activate a Node-locked license:

1) Run your new Pixyz product with administrator rights

2) Click Pixyz or Help (?) > License Manager

3) In the "Offline license" tab, select "Generate activation code"

4) Save an Activation code (as a *.bin file)

5) Copy the Activation file (*.bin file), go to a computer with Internet connection and connect to your account Pixyz website

6) Go to the LICENSE MANAGEMENT tab, and to the row of your new license

7) Click on the "Offline request" button and follow the procedure to upload the Activation code (*.bin file) you just saved

8) Once the procedure is over, your new valid license will be automatically downloaded. If not, click on the Download button in the row of your new license (column "Offline Activation")

9) Save your new "license.bin" file and go back to your computer on which you installed your new Pixyz product

10) Click Pixyz or Help (?) > License Manager

11) In the "Offline license" tab, select "Install license" and browse to the "license.bin" file you downloaded from the website

12) Click on “Activate”

13) You might be asked to run a Windows installation executable, click “Yes”

14) And that's it! You can enjoy your new Pixyz product