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Algo :: bakeMaps


   Bake texture maps on meshes from self or other meshes

GUI Dialog


Script function

   algo.bakeMaps(destinationOccurrences, sourceOccurrences, mapsToBake[, channel[, resolution[, padding[, shareMaps[, mapSuffix[, additionalCustomMaps[, tolerance[, method[, opacityThreshold]]]]]]]]]) -> bakedMaps


   destinationOccurrences (OccurrenceList) : Occurrences of the meshes where to store the baked map
   sourceOccurrences (OccurrenceList) : Occurrences of components from which to bake maps (if empty use destination)
   mapsToBake (MapTypeList) : List of map to generate (Normal, Diffuse, ...)
   channel (Int[optional] : UV channel of destOccurrence to use for the map generation
   resolution (Int[optional] : Map resolution
   padding (Int[optional] : Add padding to the map
   shareMaps (Boolean[optional] : If true, all the destinationOccurrences will share the same maps
   mapSuffix (String[optional] : Add a suffix to the map names
   additionalCustomMaps (CustomBakeMapList[optional] : Additional custom maps to bake
   tolerance (Distance[optional] : Tolerance of projection for baking from source to destination
   method (BakingMethod[optional] : Method to find source color if source occurrences are different than destination occurrences (Prefer ProjOnly for point clouds and RayOnly for meshes)
   opacityThreshold (Coeff[optional] : If the opacity is under this threshold, considers as fully transparent and store the color behind the intersection

Return value

   bakedMaps (ImageList) : Baked map list