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Algo :: hiddenRemoval


   Delete parts, patches or polygons not viewed from a sphere around the scene

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Script function

   algo.hiddenRemoval(occurrences, level, resolution, sphereCount[, fovX[, considerTransparentOpaque[, adjacencyDepth]]]) -> viewedOccurrences


   occurrences (OccurrenceList) : Occurrences of components to process
   level (SelectionLevel) : Level of parts to remove : Parts, Patches or Polygons
   resolution (Int) : Resolution of the visibility viewer
   sphereCount (Int) : Segmentation of the sphere sphereCount x sphereCount
   fovX (Double[optional] : Horizontal field of view (in degree)
   considerTransparentOpaque (Boolean[optional] : If True, Parts, Patches or Polygons with a transparent appearance are considered as opaque
   adjacencyDepth (Int[optional] : Mark neighbors polygons as visible

Return value

   viewedOccurrences (BoolList) : For each occurrence in occurrences, tell if the occurrence has been viewed (True) or not (True)