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Algo :: proxyMesh


   Replace the tessellations of the selected parts by a proxy mesh based on a voxelization

GUI Dialog


Script function

   algo.proxyMesh(occurrences, voxelSize[, elements[, dilation[, surfacic]]]) -> proxyMeshPart


   occurrences (OccurrenceList) : Occurrences of part to process
   voxelSize (Distance) : Size of voxels
   elements (ElementFilter[optional] : Type of elements used to detect the voxels, polygons or points or hybrid
   dilation (Int[optional] : Dilation iterations on the voxel grid (only if surfacic=false)
   surfacic (Boolean[optional] : Prefer this mode if the source is surfacic, the result is not guaranteed to be watertight

Return value

   proxyMeshPart (Occurrence) : Resulting part occurrence