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Scenario :: generatePhantomMesh


   Automatically generates one unique optimized mesh out of the models in the scene, with material(s).

GUI Dialog


Script function

   scenario.generatePhantomMesh(occurrences[, generateDiffuseMap])


   occurrences (OccurrenceList) : Scene path of component to process
   generateDiffuseMap (GenerateDiffuseMap[optional] :


About the scenario

In this scenario, the main following steps are executed:

About Material options

The scenario maintains visual aspect (diffuse color).

By default (option "Generate Diffuse Map" = No), the resulting phantom mesh has no material applied in its Material Property (Part or Occurence): a sub-material is applied on each patch of the mesh (or sub-mesh).
Basically the result is: 1 mesh + materials on patches.

Selecting "Generate Diffuse Map" option automatically calculates a diffuse texture map out of the color aspect of the original parts (baking based on UVs automatically generated).
A material, using the generated diffuse map, is automatically applied to the resulting phantom mesh in its Part "Material" property.
Basically, the result is: 1 mesh + [1 material + 1 diffuse map].

To go further

Refer to the Output window to check all the algorithms applied step-by-step during scenario execution.

Build and execute your own script by checking the equivalent Python script available in the "Sample Script Directory" (accessible from the Help menu).