This functions allows to create a Component Colliders on the existing mesh or on a newly created one (Retopology). 

4 strategies are available: 

Create Collider : Retopology

Create a mesh approximation (low-poly) for an assigned Collider.

For further guidance, consult Retopologize function.

Create Collider : Convex Decomposition

Create set of convex mesh Colliders from original geometry. Ideal for advanced Physics collision. Colliders are assigned on existing GameObjects.

This strategy comes with 3 new parameters: 

  • Max Decomposition Per Mesh: Maximum number of convex hull to generate per mesh. For instance with the example, for the grey Gameobject, we would go for a value of 4 (the 3 tubes + the base)
  • Max triangles per Mesh: Maximum number of triangles per output collider mesh
  • Resolution: It's the precision you want to give to your mesh collider. Put a much higher resolution will occur to a consequent increase in processing time.

Create Collider : Axis-aligned Bounding-box

Create set of Box Colliders for each Mesh. Colliders are assigned on existing GameObjects. 

Create Collider : Original Mesh

Use existing mesh as Collider.