WARNING        .vpb import requires a VRED Pro or Design installation and a VRED valid license. Also, the path to the VRED executable must be set in the Pixyz preferences.

When importing a .vpb file, a dedicated window will appear above the default import window.

.vpb supported features:

  • 3D model (nurbs/mesh)
  • Animations
  • Transform and material variants
  • Variant sets
  • Textures
  • UVs
  • Ambient occlusion*

*To import ambient occlusion as vertex colors, open Autodesk VRED and set ExportVertexColors to True in Preferences > FileIO > FBX > Export :


Due to the complexity and the large possibilities offered by VRED, Pixyz does not guarantee a full extract of .vpb files. 

Here are the known-limitations regarding VRED scene conversion using Pixyz:

  • Environment: lights and cameras, along with environments textures are not imported 
  • Multi pass, layered and decal materials are not imported
  • For animation import: animations directly placed on meshes are not imported

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