Pixyz Toolbox lets you merge your GameObjects by different criteria. You can find these functions from the import window as well.

NOTE                By merging, you will lose additional components such as Metadata

  • Merge All: Merges all input objects into a single object. 
    'Keep Parent' option will merge each selected objects with all of its own children (recursively)
  • Merge By Materials: Merges all input objects sharing the same material
  • Merge Final Level: Merge the last level of hierarchy below input objects
  • Merge Hierarchy level: Merge n-level of hierarchy below input objects. Selected GameObjects must be placed at the same level of Hierarchy
  • Merge By Name: Merges all input objects sharing the same name
  • Merge by Regions: See below

Merge by Regions

Merge by Regions is a smart function which will identify regions of the model and merge them driven by the number of regions or the size of each chunk. 

You can then decide to Merge each Regions into one GameObject, or to Merge the children's region by Materials.