From the "Transforms" Group box, use the exposed settings to adapt the imported model's units/transformation to Unity units & coordinate system (Left-handed Y-up & no units).

  • Scale: Scale factor applied to the whole assembly. Pixyz technology is by designed in mm. The default value 0.001 allows to match your model with Unity scale system (in meters).
  • Orientation: Choose to let Pixyz orient your model automatically or to do it by yourself with 2 parameter:
    • Left Handed: Use this setting if the model was designed in a Left Handed environment
    • Z up: Use this setting if your model was designed in a Z-Up environment 

  • Stitch Patches: Use this setting to assemble together unconnected CAD surfaces prior to any data treatment at import (it is a pre-process).

Sometimes, surfaces contained in a file inherited from CAD software are delivered as multiple sub-surfaces disconnected from one another, where they should be unified as a single surface.

If they are not connected together prior to mesh creation by Pixyz, the resulting mesh will be delivered as multiple sub-meshes, and might show gaps where there is supposed to be continuity.

Here is an example of this bad behavior, showing gaps between unconnected faces.

Stitch Patches OFF / ON

  • Hierarchy: Choose one of the available modes to optimize the imported model's hierarchy (also called "Product Structure" in CAD vocabulary). Some of the function are shared with Toolbox hierarchy's functions
    • Full (default setting): No modification of the hierarchy
    • Clean-up intermediary nodes: Compresses the hierarchy by removing empty nodes, or any node containing only one sub-node.
    • Transfer all objects under root: Simplifies the hierarchy by transferring all imported 3D objects (or GameObjects) under the root node of the imported model.
    • Merge all : All objects contained in the original model will be merged together, as one single object.
    • Merge by material: All objects contained in the original model that share the same material will be merged together.
    • Merge Final Level: Merge the last level of hierarchy below input objects
    • Merge Hierarchy level: Merge n-level of hierarchy below input objects. Selected GameObjects must be placed at the same level of Hierarchy
    • Merge By Name: Merges all input objects sharing the same name
    • Merge By Regions: Refer to this topic