The Pixyz Plugin for Unity has the ability to import Metadata from CAD software, such as types, manufacturers, physical properties, ownership, ...

When a model is imported with the plugin with the Metadata option, nodes holding metadata information will be transposed in Unity with GameObjects with a Metadata MonoBehaviour component.

Get Metadata on an imported model

To get the Metadata block on a GameObject, use :

Metadata metadata = gameObject.GetComponent<Metadata>();

NOTE                Not all GameObjects imported with Pixyz Plugin for Unity contains Metadata. Only nodes that have metadata in the original CAD file.

Check if a property exists

To check if a property exists or not based on its name, use :

bool hasWeight = metadata.containsProperty("Weight");

Get or a property value

To get a property value, use :

string value = metadata.getProperty("Weight");

This will throw an error if no property with the given name exists.

Add or a property

To add a property to the Metadata block, use :

metadata.addOrSetProperty("Weight", "756kg");

Set a property value

To set a property value, use the same method as above. If the property already exists, it will set the value with the new given value.

metadata.addOrSetProperty("Weight", "354kg");

Get properties as a dictionary

To get all properties in the shape of a dictionary (unique keys), use :

Dictionary<string, string> properties = metadata.getProperties();

Remove a property

To remove a property in a Metadata block, use :


This will return true if a property was removed, and false if it failed (if no property with that name exists for example)

For more information, please check the API Documentation.