The VRED Import Settings will only appear if a .vpb file is selected in the Importing File Group.

  • Prefer Pixyz mesh: override VRED mesh with Pixyz tessellation. It will only work if NURBS data is present in the file.

NOTE                 The process will take more time but the number of triangles will be significantly less important for the same visual quality.

WARNING         UVs and vertex colors will be lost. 

  • Import Variants: import transform and material variants.

  • Import Animations: Pixyz imports animations clips in your 3DModels folder of your Project's assets. You can assign the Animation clip to the right GameObjects. 

  • Smart Merging: merge parts while preserving variants and animations integrity.

  • Material Mapping Table (optional): rule engine table associating VRED material name (A) with its equivalent in Unity "Resources" folder (B). A UV size (in mm) can be set to override VRED one (C).

NOTE        The corresponding Unity materials should be placed in a “Resources” folder in the Unity project. Check the “Use Materials in Resources” checkbox to load them directly.

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