In Pixyz Review, AR/MR immersive reviews is possible through HoloLens 1 and soon HoloLens 2.

Follow this steps to successfully Enter AR :

1) Pixyz Review AR works with HOLOGRAPHIC REMOTING PLAYER, the HoloLens App from Microsoft. First, you need to download and install this app on your HoloLens.

2) Holographic Remoting and wireless streaming between Pixyz Review and the HoloLens requires a common and dedicated WIFI connection. Please connect the main computer (playing Pixyz Review) and the HoloLens to the same WIFI network. For better performances, please prefer using a dedicated router.

3) Launch the Holographic Remoting player from the HoloLens. You should have a screen like this, giving you an IP

4) On Pixyz Review, choose HoloLens in the hardware list and put the IP address you have in YOUR HoloLens on the Host section.

5) You can then press EnterVR to see your 3D model

Scan your room to position your 3D model accordingly

When using HoloLens the first time in Pixyz Review, it's going to locate yourself, scan your environment and keep that in memory as an Anchor. You can then set an "AnchorName" to save it in Pixyz Review and re-use the environment later.

When using "CanReplaceAnchor", if the HoloLens can't recognize the environment as it was, it will overwrite the Anchor in memory.

 When turning "ShowMapping" on, it displays in your viewer the environment mapping captured by the HoloLens. You can then use this mapping to replace your 3D models into the real environment before experiencing AR (or reposition it)