Welcome to Pixyz Review 2021.1 online documentation!

The aim of this documentation is to explain Pixyz Review features and functionalities, and demonstrate its ease of use, its efficiency and its capabilities in terms of 3D visualization, collaboration and VR experiences.

     Read the following topics to learn more about the new features and concepts introduced with the 2021.1 version: 

     What's new in Pixyz Review 2021.1

     Check as well our Release Notes for all the update, fixes and new features we've brought with our 2021.1 version

With Pixyz Review, visualize & interact with almost every CAD & mesh files intuitively & collaborate on desktop or in VR with your teammates anywhere in the world.

Pixyz Review aims to democratize the manipulation of 3D files by allowing any user to customize their scene (colours, cutting plane, exploded view, measurements, show/No show/intermediate show,etc ...) for design review or extended studies of your objects.

Pixyz Review helps companies and 3D users leverage their CAD data for any visualization scenario.

The documentation is divided in several topics :

  • A Getting Started topic with information on how to install and activate the program, including a glossary and the supported I/O formats
  • A User Interface overview with details on each menu and panel
  • A Working with Pixyz Review  documentation with guidance on features to make the most of our solution