Pixyz Automation tool is called Scenario Processor. It’s basically a Command Line Interface tool that can import a 3D file, process it according to an optimization scenario and export it as an optimized 3D file.

As in Pixyz Studio, Pixyz Scenario Processor contains Python runtime environment. At runtime, it executes the optimizations scenario which is basically a Python script packaged as a binary file and passed via the command line.

CLI tool packages
Scenario Processor comes into different flavors:

Standalone versions require a FlexLM license server that we provide. Please contact your Unity sales representative for getting access to those packages.

AWS version doesn’t require any FlexLM license server. The procurement, entitlement and licensing are handled by the AWS Marketplace. It also natively takes benefit from AWS resource elasticity and containerized applications orchestration (ECS, EKS, EC2)

Optimization scenarios
Optimization scenarios package all the steps & settings to get the best optimized result from your 3D Data. They consist of binary files (.pxzext) that are created and published from Pixyz Studio data Prep authoring tool. We call those pxzext files: scenario plugins. Pixyz Studio contains a tool called “Plugin Editor” dedicated to the creation and publishing of scenario plugin. Also a CLI tool provided with Pixyz Studio can be used to publish scenario plugins from plugin sources by simply using a command line (PiXYZStudioPublishPlugin.exe).

Scenario Plugins are meant to be easily exchangeable across Pixyz community and deployable on all your Pixyz environments. As they are binary files, the contained IP is protected.

NB                Pixyz Scenario Processor Docker versions contain a built-in ready-to-use scenario (GenericPolygonTarget)