3D Data Preparation can be very complex and require expertise. Ultimately, the goal of automated 3D Data Preparation is to avoid those complex manual processing by creating optimization scenarios that can adapt to any input 3D model structures and any final use cases.

Pixyz data prep tools are designed to facilitate this automation, at scale.

The classic workflow consists of a data prep expert creating repeatable optimization scenarios in Pixyz Studio in order to provide these scenarios to groups of end users who will simply run these scenarios without the need for specific data prep knowledge.

An example is a design department of a company that will create various optimization scenarios so that the 3D source models generated within this department can be conformed/optimized/delivered for specific usages within other departments (sales/marketing, training/maintenance, VR/AR/Collab review...). The IT department could thus set up an intranet service allowing these end-users to self-serve and choose a raw 3D design data plus an optimization scenario adapted to the needs of the final application in which the optimized 3D model will be consumed. This results in triggering a Pixyz job process which will run on a virtual machine cluster where load-balancing will automatically adapt according to the number of job processes requested in parallel.

Workflow examples

Here are a few optimization workflow examples: