The video below shows how you can transform an existing Data Preparation script, into a Scenario plugin that applies the same Data Preparation recipe to multiple files using Pixyz Scenario Processor batching capabilities (once published).

Generally speaking, the typical steps to create a working Scenario plugin for Pixyz Scenario Processor that batches multiple files (import/prepare/export), are:

  1. Create and refine your Data Preparation recipe as a Python script first (using the Scripting Editor), until you get a working solution giving the expected results with one 3D model (typical of your database).
  2. Once you are happy with the result you get from your Data Preparation script, move on to making it a plugin, creating input/output parameters that will be given to Pixyz Scenario Processor to execute the scenario (see Pixyz Scenario Processor GitLab page)
  3. Publish your plugin
  4. Run the plugin on your database using  Pixyz Scenario Processor