A trial license, valid for 7 consecutive days, is available to evaluate Pixyz Studio. To obtain a trial license, please follow this procedure:

1) Connect to your account or create one here: https://www.pixyz-software.com/register/.

2) Once connected, click on one of the "7-day trial version" buttons available on the Download page, Home page, on the Product pages or on the Store page.

3) Once you click on one of these buttons, a new license is created and is available in the LICENSE MANAGEMENT tab of your account.

4) Please see Node-locked license to complete the installation of the trial license.

To obtain a trial license, you can also contact Pixyz/Unity.

WARNING        A trial license lasts 7 consecutive days. The 7 days will start counting from the moment you install the license on your computer (not when you request a license by clicking a "7-day trial" button on the website).