RVM is a 3D format broadly used to exchange data in Energy and Oil&Gas industries. For example it is used as a bridge between Aveva PDMS and Autodesk Navisworks.

RVM files are usually very large assets with hundreds of thousand parts which can be very demanding for your hardware.

RVM files imported in Pixyz Studio can then be optimized using all available features before being converted/exported into a more commonly used format (FBX, glTF, USD...).

NOTE                To learn more about the RVM format, please read this article!

How To

To import a file in Pixyz Studio, checkout this page.

To import metadata from *.att files, the *.rvm and *.att file must share the same ad be located in the same folder.

To read metadata, simply select an occurrence and look in the Inspector panel for metadata fields:

A *.rvm file can contain both tessellated geometries (meshes) and BRep geometries (CAD surfaces). BRep geometries need to be tessellated by using the Tessellate function (using the Repair CAD function first might be required in order to obtain properly connected meshes).