Importing a ReCap file (*.rcp or *.rcs file) in Pixyz Studio requires Autodesk ReCap to be installed (with a valid license) on the same computer on which Pixyz Studio (or Pixyz Scenario Processor) is running.

Download ReCap SDK

Download the ReCapSDK v20.1.1, from Autodesk Developer Network website, with a valid Autodesk developer account.

Configuring Pixyz Studio

To start importing *.rcp and *.rcs files in Pixyz Studio, the software needs to be configured first from the menu Preferences:

  • Press F9 or go to Edit Menu > Preferences > IO > Import > Recap
  • Set the ReCapSDKpath parameter to target the Bin folder contained in the folder that you unzipped at the previous step
  • You're all set !

If the path is not properly configured, Pixyz Studio (or Pixyz Scenario Processor)  will prompt the following error message:

Additional parameter

Set the RecapLoadPointOfView parameter to True if you wish to load the Points of View (spheres + 360° textures) contained in a ReCap project (providing they exist).

Along with the Points if View, scanner's characteristics are retrieved as metadata information.

Configuring Pixyz Scenario Processor

To start importing *.wire files using Pixyz Scenario Processor, the software needs to be initialized when executing a Python file.

Write at the beginning of your Python file the following command: core.setModuleProperty("IO", "ReCapSDKpath", "Your ReCapSDK Bin folder path")

Example: core.setModuleProperty("IO", "RecapSDKPath", "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/ReCapSDK_v20.1.1/bin/")