All plugins installed along with Pixyz Studio can be managed from the "Manage Plugins" window.

The plugins are sorted by category, depending their nature: "Editable Plugins", "Published Plugins" or "Locked Plugins".

Please see this page for more information about plugins and plugin categories!

Here are the available actions:




Opens a dialog box to install a Published plugin (binarized *.pxzext files), to then run it in Pixyz Studio


Removes the currently selected plugin (destroys the folder containing all the files related to this plugin)


Opens the selected plugin in the Plugin Editor in order to view, edit or run it (makes it the Active plugin in the Plugin Editor)


Used to publish an Editable plugin (not yet published) as a Published plugin, meaning a *.pxzext file, ready to be used in Pixyz Scenario Processor

NOTE                By default, no plugin is installed with Pixyz Studio, so the categories are empty until you create a plugin or install one