The "Selection Tool" allows to select Parts from the viewer using an interactive Bounding Box.

When the tool is activated, a box appears with a dedicated manipulation gizmo, allowing to define the selection box by moving and scaling it, using the arrows or the little boxes respectively.

Box position and size can be directly set by entering values in the dedicated fields.

Other settings:

  • When enabled, the parameter "Keep proportion" ensures that when changing one box dimension, other dimensions will scale keeping the same box proportion.
  • When enabled, the parameter "Strictly included" ensures that the selection affects only the parts that are fully included within the box
  • When enabled, the parameter "Selection Preview" gives a real-time indication of which part(s) is/are affected by the selection box.

When the selection box is correctly set, you need to validate the selection by clicking the "Select" button at the bottom of the tool.

NOTE                The "Selection Tool" cannot be used at the same time as the "UV projection Tool"