This documentation describes the features and functionality of Pixyz Plugin for Unity.

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What's New in Pixyz Plugin 2022.1

Introduction to new features and concepts

Release Notes

List of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes

Product download page

Product installation files

If you are a new user, learn how to install and activate the plugin.

Pixyz Plugin for Unity is a fully integrated plugin for Unity that enables the use of 3D data from the engineering world (Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Architectural, Building, [...] industries) to create ready-to-use assets for realtime applications made in Unity 3D.


  • Support for almost all industrial formats (see complete list)
  • Preservation of the Product Tree (or hierarchy) and Metadata
  • High quality tessellation through optimized presets
  • Automatic repair of surfaces and meshes
  • Creation of LODs through automatic or custom process
  • Automatic creation of UVs (and UVs for lightmapping)
  • Creation of prefabs
  • Support for point clouds
  • Easy to use and powerful algorithms to process models that are already in Unity (see toolbox)
  • Automatic solution to optimize and stage data based on rules (see rule engine)