On the top of Pixyz Review UI, you will find basic interactions to manipulate your 3D/CAD model : 




Navigation type

Choose between Orbit camera (classic or Catia-like navigation) or Fly camera (for fly-stick) 

Scene override material

Temporary visual override of all materials visible in the scene using predefined shaders/materials: 

  • Checker: displays all objects with UVs (texture coordinates) applied with a checker texture. Objects with no UVs applied are displayed in a flat purplish color, You can as well check the different UV channel.
  • Clay: displays all objects of the scene with a the same white material (clay-like).
  • Specular: displays all objects of the scene with a the same reflective orange material.
  • Zebra: displays all objects of the scene with a the same zebra shader to visualize light reflection breaks.
  • Color By Part: displays each object of the scene with a different randomized color material.
  • Vertex colors : Display each vertex with one color. If there aren't any vertexes, nothing is displayed?

Face Orientation Mode

Backface (BF) culling rendering modes:

  • Back-face Color (default): displays mis-oriented faces with a flat pink color.
  • Back-face Culling: displays mis-oriented faces as transparent faces.
  • Double-sided (default): displays the 2 sides of all the faces for each object in the scene (requires more computing power to display as the number of triangles sent to the graphic card is doubled).

Isolate /keep context (Space)

Visualize and process a selection of occurrences separately from the whole scene with or without the context.  shortcut [SPACE]

Show / no show 

Use to switch the viewer display between visible occurrences (visibility or inherited visibility = True) and hidden occurrences (visibility or inherited visibility = False).

 Fit to view (F)

Fits camera-view to the selection (or to all objects in the scene if no selection).


Use to switch to fullscreen viewer display. Click ESC key or the "Windowed" button to exit fullscreen mode.

Predefined Camera Views

Drop-down list used to set the camera-view to predefined camera orthographic views, and to set the camera type (perspective or orthographic)


Display the Gizmo in the viewer when selecting an occurrence with different mode : 

  • All-In-One (by default) : Gizmo with translation, Rotation & Scale
  • Rotation only
  • Scale only
  • Translation only

Use the parameter "Move Pivot Only" to move the pivot point of an occurrence.


Take a screenshot of the viewer and save it as a .PNG locally. The location is in your "Documents > Pixyz Review" on the file explorer.

Entering Virtual Reality

Launch augmented/virtual reality 3D/CAD review session.