In order to increase productivity in collaboration session, we've integrated the concept of roles while in collaboration with : 

  • A Leader 
  • Followers 
  • Solos (they aren't affected by leader's actions)

Anyone can ask to become leader or to decide to be solo or follower in the collaborative session. To do so, on desktop they have to click on the button : "Leader", "Follower", "Solo". In VR, they can ask it with the left VR sub-menu (below). 

Also, anyone can decide to see the view of one of the participants with the function : "See view of"

The Leader

The leader has a direct influence on the followers depending if they are in VR or on desktop. 

He can regroup all the follower at his location which avoid people getting lost in the scene while in VR for instance. It can be effective when willing to focus on one occurrence.

In VR, the leader has access to a new sub-menu in the VR Interaction Menu where he can regroup the followers where he is or teleport all of them at one point.