The Cutting plane tool allows to visualize the internal occurrences of your models.

When the tool is activated, all occurrences contained in the scene will be affected by the cutting plane.

How to Use

Use the Toggle button to activate the tool.

Choose the cutting axis and slide the Translation cursor to move the cutting plane.

Use the other parameters to fine-tune the cutting plane.




Defines the axis of the plane used for cutting the scene occurrences


Translates the cutting plane along the defined axis. The increment parameter defines the translation threshold.

TIP        Use the keyboard arrow keys (left/right) to increment the cutting plane position


Allows to generate a plain cross-section, or footprint, either Manually or Automatically (when enabled a footprint will be automatically created after the time defined by the setting).

The generated footprint is created as an occurrence in the Product Structure, where its visibility can be modified or can be deleted.

Translating the cutting plane again hides the footprint.

Invert Visibility

Defines the direction towards which scene occurrence's visibility is kept. Toggle to invert the direction.


Lock the cutting plane position when the Axis parameter is defined as "Camera axis", allowing to orbit the camera around the model

Edges Color

Defines the color of the generated footprints contour

NOTE        Use after generating a footprint

Edge Thickness

Defines the thickness of the generated footprints contour (in pixels)

NOTE        Use after generating a footprint

Align Camera

Aligns the Viewport camera with the footprint

NOTE        Use after generating a footprint. Consider switching to orthographic camera.