In Pixyz Review, you can decide to enter in VR in your scene to visualize and interact with your 3D files at 1:1 scale. You can do it on your own or during a collaborative session with others.

Entering VR experience on one computer already allows collaboration

While entering VR, Desktop Pixyz Review is still running and displays what the VR user sees. You're able to collaborate with your teammate wearing the head-mounted display since he can see your selection or interaction with the scene and he can see yours !

How to launch a VR session ?

To launch a VR session, you need: 

If these conditions are met, you can "Enter VR" with the button in the TopBar Actions.

Customize & improve your VR Scene

In Pixyz Review, you can prepare and customize your VR scene to make it more realistic or just to your liking. For that you can : 

Interact with your 3D files in your VR Scene

While you're in VR, you can afterwards  : 

  • Navigate in the scene by walking or teleportation
  • Point occurrences with laser
  • Grab the occurrences which are allowed to
  • Interact with your scene through the VR Interaction Menu

Reset your scene after VR session

Often after VR session, occurrences may have been moved somewhere in the scene and your model is a little bit explode with occurrences here and there. 

After finishing your VR session, you can just Undo (Ctrl + Z) to get back your original model with occurrences well placed.