The « Exploded View » feature spreads outward all the model occurrences, according to a defined axis (XYZ, planar or single-axis). This tool allows to visualize all components inside an element.

By default, the explosion's center is located at the origin of the scene (the pivot point of your occurrence Root, you can select it to check where it is). In order to have great explosion scenario, you can decide to create one or several explosion centers and place them where you want.

In order to do so, you need to create a "Visual behaviour" component on an occurrence and activate the property : "IsExplodedCenter"

IsExplodedCenter takes the Pivot point into account and will act for all children of the occurrence assigned 

Keep in mind that the explosion tool will identify the pivot point as center, and not the center of your occurrence. Check where it is before explosion and move it accordingly thanks to the gizmo while "Move Pivot Point Only" is activated. ("Shift + move gizmo" shortcut)

Furthermore, only  children of the occurrence will take into account the "IsExplodedCenter".