VPB models can be imported within Pixyz Review.

Importing a *.vpb file in Pixyz Review requires Autodesk VRED Pro or Design to be installed (with a valid license) on the same computer on which Pixyz Review is running.

NOTE        Only geometries (meshes or BRep surfaces) and equivalent materials are directly imported inside Pixyz Review's scene.

Configuring the root

To start importing *.vpb files in Pixyz Review, the software needs to be configured first from the menu Preferences:

  • Press F9 or go to Edit Menu > Preferences > Import Settings > Vred
  • Click on browse on VredExecutablePath and find the path to the VREDPro.exe file (most likely located in the bin/WIN64/ directory)
  • confirm
  • You're all set ! You can now import *.VPB files.