The Material Library or Material Library (=Material Editor) allows to manage the materials of the scene.

NOTE                Materials is a specific concept of 3D. For more information, check this link




Creates a new material. The user gets to choose the type of material he wants to create: standard, color, PBR or unlittexture.


Removes the currently selected material from the scene. All objects in the scene that used the removed material will appear grey in the Viewer, meaning they will not have any material applied (and will be exported without material).

Materials List (on the left)

Lists all the materials available in the scene. By default, the Materials List displays no material. When importing a new 3D file, all materials contained in the imported file are added to the Materials List.

Search Bar

Can be used to filter the Materials List to the materials containing the typed text string only in their name.

Materials Settings (on the right)

Displays all the materials settings for the currently selected material in the Material Lister. Material settings must be adjusted from here.

Save material

Save button. If not pushed, a "Material has changed" warning will be displayed asking the user to keep changes or not.

Create basic set of colors

Automatically creates 15 color type materials, ready to be used. They can be used for project review purposes (occurrence identification, revision,…).

Close button

Closes the Material Library.

OK button

The OK button applies modifications made to selected material settings and closes the Material Library.