Use the Measurement tool to take measurements of CAD models:

  • Measure construction lines
  • Measure distances
  • Measure angles

You can also take measurements from footprints. Read more.

You can take screenshots of models along with your measurements.

Get started

To access the Measurement tool, click Measure in the main toolbar. Alternatively, on the Tools pane, select Measurement.

When you start using the Measurement tool, Pixyz Review automatically identifies the geometries in your model. This operation is performed once per session. This operation ensures smart measurements:

  • For basic measurements, Pixyz Review identifies a primitive from the selected geometry and measures the related dimensions.
  • For advanced measurements, you can create custom primitives from other geometries. For example, you can measure angles with the revolution axis of a circle.

You can use various measurement modes:


Examples of use

One click

Take measurements from a single geometry.

For example, you can measure segment lengths and circle circumferences. Read more.

Two clicks

Take measurements from two geometries.
For example, you can measure clearances between objects. Read more.

You can also measure acute angles between planes. Read more.


Take measurements from geometries that are not available using the other modes.
For example, you can measure lengths, distances, and angles from custom primitives, such as revolution axes or combined segments. Read more.

While using the Measurement tool, you can't select occurrences. You might want to focus on specific areas of your model for measurements. In this case, before using the Measurement tool, set the Visible property of these occurrences to False and click No Show. Read more.

NOTE        If you use the Isolate feature, Review still identifies the geometries that you have not selected.