In Pixyz Review, we thrive to make you experience more productive by letting you access to essential features straight forward, in a slick modern interface.

On the top left corner, you will find what we call the Core actions and some menus to get further into software settings.

File menu

  • Reset Project : Reset Pixyz scene
  • Open Project : Open .pxz project file
  • Save Project : Save .pxz project file
  • Save Project As : Save as a new .pxz project file
  • Save Selection : Save selection as a new .pxz file
  • Import 3D Model : Import 3D/CAD file
  • Import Picture : Import Picture 
  • A list of the last files imported in your previous projects
  • Exit : Exit Pixyz Review

Edit menu

  • Undo : Undo last action done. All actions are listed in the "History" panel
  • Redo : Redo last action "Undone"
  • Copy : Copy selection
  • Cut : Cut selection
  • Paste : Clone selection.
  • Paste without Cloning : Create a new entity while pasting
  • Duplicate : Duplicate selection
  • Select all : Select all occurrences (hidden and shown)
  • Invert Selection : Invert occurrences selection
  • Preferences : Open Pixyz REVIEW settings (F9 shortcut)

Material Menu

  • Material Library : Opens the Material Editor, containing all materials available in the current project
  • Texture Library : Opens the Texture Editor, containing all textures available in the current project


  • Get Realistic Materials : Link to download the Realistic Materials Library offered by Pixyz
  • Prepare scene for realistic materials : Apply automatic "Materials & Textures Mapping" on all the occurrences of your scene that doesn't have some


  • Merge Materials : Merge all the equivalent materials with the same attributes (name + characteristic)
  • Replace Material : Used to replace a material by another everywhere it is used in the scene
  • Select By Material : Selects all occurrences with a given Material Property
  • Clean Unused Materials : Delete all the materials & textures that aren't used in the scene to optimize file size

Create Menu


  • Create Light : Create a light (directional, Point, Spot) as occurrences
  • Insert Default Light in Tree : Adds the 4 Default Lights, used to light the scene when the lighting mode using the Environment Map is disabled, in the Product Structure, allowing to tune them. Deleting these 4 Default Lights will re-create them out of the Product Structure with their default values. 


  • Create Primitive : Actions to insert simple geometry in the scene (Cube, Plane, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Torus) with automatic texture mapping.


Windows menu

  • Workspace : Use this menu to manage Workspaces (or windows layout) in Pixyz Review
  • Windows : choose the windows to display in Pixyz Review’s interface amongst all available windows

Plugins Menu

When you've install a plugin, its actions and tools will appear in the Menu bar

Help Menu

The Help Menu allows to access documentation, samples, manage Pixyz Review's license and contact Pixyz :

  • Open Documentation : You are there!
  • Download 3D Model Samples from Pixyz website
  • License Manager : Manage your license (license request, license installation, connection to your Pixyz account, …)
  • Export Log File : In case for debbug
  • Languages : Choose Pixyz Review's display language among English (default), Japanese and Chinese. Language change requires to restart the software.
  • Check For Update : Automatically checks available update for Pixyz Review
  • Visit Pixyz Help Desk : To contact us
  • Visit Pixyz Website
  • About : About Pixyz Review software (Version & licence)

Import scene

Import file in Pixyz

Save project

Save the scene to a .pxz project

Reset Scene

Clear and reset Pixyz scene

 Material library

Open the Material library


Automatically optimize your scene for VR