Pixyz Review offers to all users a fully integrated collaborative mode, allowing to transform your scene into a virtual meeting room with attendees from anywhere in the world.

You can launch collaborative sessions whenever you want on our public server or on private ones.

The collaborative sessions are cross-device compatible: Users can be at the same time on Desktop, in VR or directly from your Powerwall.

Collaboration with 4 persons, while 3 are on desktop and one in VR :

While in collaboration, you're able to hear and talk to your teammate to  enhanced understandings and some of your interactions within the scene will be shared with all the participants. To be more efficient, you can switch views and visualize in real-time an other user point of view. 

Depending on your role, you have to possibility to lead the design review.


Pixyz collaborative mode is completely SECURE and IP PROTECTED : no 3D data sharing, no image/video sharing through the connection, Only 3D positional matrices and coordinates are shared through the platform. Check the list of what is shared and not shared between users while in collaboration

PREREQUISITES        A stable and open network access for all collaborative participants. Any network blip might interrupt the collaborative session

Collaboration while in VR :