Pixyz Review detects automatically and can display PMI & FTA annotations when attached with these specific format : 

  • .3DXML file
  • .STEP AP242 file
  • .PRT file
  • .JT file

In order to display them in your Pixyz Review, you need to import your model and get to "Variants and PMI" panel

In this panel, if your model presents FTA/PMI, a PMI list will appear under "Variants" which will allow you to display the specific view created just by double clicking on it. 

Navigate around with PMI/FTA

The depth of camera is not well configured when reviewing PMI. If you want to navigate freely around your model, you will need to replace your camera center with the "middle click" of your mouse on the model.

Activating PMI from Inspector

On some model, the PMI are listed in the Inspector where you can activate them.