The Preferences settings (available with "F9" or from Edit menu), you can customize all the settings of your Pixyz Review.

To share presets, use this folder:


  • SoftwareUpdateNotifications: If enabled, Pixyz REVIEW will look for software update, providing an internet connection is established.
  • ThreadCount: Pixyz solutions are multi-threaded. Manage the maximum number of CPU cores allowed for Pixyz REVIEW to preserve other applications if necessary. Max CPU use by default.
  • EnableDebugLog: Enable advanced debug log generation. Log file is available here : C:/Users/#NAME#/AppData/Roaming/PiXYZReview/lastSession.log. 
  • EnableUndoRedo: Enable the Undo/Redo in the app.


  • EnableHUD: In order to see the viewer information regarding occurrences, Triangles, from selection in the top left hand corner

  • OneColorByPart: Set by default the override "ColorByPart"
  • UseKPIColor: Link to plugin. Some plugin can add lines into the preferences.
  • BackFaceCulling: Rendering setting used to display materials on only one side of a surface, the other side will be transparent  (overrides DoubleSided setting behaviour)
  • DoubleSided: Rendering setting used to display materials on both surface's sides
  • AntiAlasing: Avoid Aliasing effects
  • EnableTrackball: Enable 3D gizmo for XYZ axis
  • BackgroundTopColor / BackgroundBottomColor: Change the viewer background colors
  • AutomaticNearFar: Adjust automatically the Near & the far from the clipping plane
  • SinglePassStereo: Rendering technology for performances optimization. Early developments, requires nVidia SLI Quadro GPUs
  • ClipPlane: The area of visualization
  • ContinuousRendering: Force the rendering refresh of the viewer

  • CatiaLikeaNvigation: Switch between « mouse-only » navigation and ALT + Mouse 3D navigation
  • ShowManipulator: Hide/Show the gizmo
  • ConstaintUpAxis: Block the camera's movement on the Y axis 

  • OcclusionCulling: Rendering technology for performances optimization

  • PerspectiveProjection: Switch between PERSPECTIVE and ORTHOGRAPHIC camera

EnvironmentMap: Browse to use an HDR environment map for the viewer (use with PBR materials only)

SSAO (Screen space ambient occlusion): Enable the SSAO in the viewer

Customize the grid displayed in the viewer as you need. 

  • AutoMeasurementUnit: Automatically convert measurements from millimetres to meters when measures are higher than 999 mm

  • Primitives: Use available settings to change appearance (colors and width) for all geometrical entities

  • CADPrecision: CAD geometries precision calculated based on the original input file units (better fidelity to their scale)
  • MonoViewBack: Display the view from the HMD on the desktop as a single view (not 2 eyes)
  • InvertQuadBuffers: Invert right eye & left eye for stereo use 

Import settings / VRSys / Collab / User & Server Profile

  • ConvertZupToYup: Automatically convert any imported model orientation (automatic 90° rotation on X-axis)
  • LoadHidden: Automatically load hidden parts
  • LoadPMI: Use this option to include FTA or PMI when importing a CAD file
  • PreferAlternativeImporters: In case of import issues, try checking this setting to allow alternative import preset 
  • Precision: Quality of the tessellation while importing native CAD files (CATIA, JT, STEP, …). Precision presets available
  • PMIReplaceColor: Automatically replace PMI colors. Black by default. White strongly recommended for AR use
  • AutoMergeMaterials: Automatically merge the materials with same name & characteristics to increase performance
  • AliasApIDllPath : Set up the path for your Alias licence for importing Wire files
  • VredExecutablePath : Path to your Vred licence for importing Vred files

  • SystemType : Choose the default VR system that should by used

  • VoiceEnabled : Enable voice sharing through Pixyz REVIEW collaborative mode

  • Fill with preferred settings for User profile

  • Fill with preferred settings for Server profile