Standard is a type of Material, used for specific file as .fbx or Solidworks file. The settings of a standard material are take into account the elements that define of the matter, i.e. the color and pattern, capacity to reflect or tint the environment, surface texture, transparency, and behaviour during rendering by ray-tracing.

It's known as an old type of materials and we see more and more process adopting PBR materials rather than Standard.

This materials is composed of several elements, which can be either a color, a coefficient or a texture (= a picture) : 

  • The diffuse property defines the color of the surface under diffuse lighting. The diffuse color is (just like ambient lighting) set to the desired surface's color.
  • The specular property sets the color of the specular highlight on the surface (or possibly even reflect a surface-specific color).
  • The shininess impacts the scattering/radius of the specular highlight.
  • The ambient property defines what color the surface reflects under ambient lighting; this is usually the same as the surface's color.

In Pixyz, the "Emissive" parameter for "Standard" type material is ignored when using Environment Map (HDR) lighting