In Pixyz Review, you can apply a texture as a material on an occurrence with what we call an unlittexture material. When creating it, click on "Undefined" to parse your Texture Library and choose the one you want.

Then, you can choose for each texture the Tilling, the offset and the channel.

Tiling : Tiling is a concept in 3D design which duplicates your texture in tiles in order to wrap it on occurrence (if needed).

Offset : The offset is here to move and place the tiling correctly. It's a number between 0 and 1. So, regardless of the tiling, if you see a texture is halfway across a joint, an offset of 0.5 will fix it. Also, an offset of 1.5 is possible, but it's the same as 0.5 -- just as a 540° rotation is the same as 180°.

Channel : Channel is a UVW concept which allow you to choose which set up of UV you want to use when there are different UV settings on 1 occurrence.

Exposed : By default, the unlittexture materials aren't sensible to the lighting of the scene. If you need to, you have to toggle on this parameter of your materials.

NOTE                When importing a picture in Pixyz Review, it will automatically create a "Unlittexture" materials that you can apply on your occurrences

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