A trial license, valid for 30 consecutive days, is available to evaluate Pixyz Review. To obtain a trial license, please follow this procedure:

1) Connect to your account or create one here: https://www.pixyz-software.com/register/.

2) Once connected, click on one of the "30-day trial version" buttons available on the Download page, Home page, on the Product pages or on the Store page.

3) Once you click on one of these buttons, a new license is created and is available in the LICENSE MANAGEMENT tab of your account.

4) Please see Node-locked license to complete the installation of the trial license.

To obtain a trial license, you can also contact us through our Support services.

Trial license are renewed every release & update

Since 2020.1, you can renew your 30 days trial license every release or updates in order to try out the new features. These trial are attached to your Pixyz web account.

WARNING        A trial license lasts 30 consecutive days. The 30 days will start counting from the moment you install the license on your computer (not when you request a license by clicking a "30-day trial" button on the website).